Crafted, distilled and aged in Rutherglen, Victoria.

Our Heritage

At Morris, we have been making world renowned fortified wines since 1859. It’s our barrels that gift us distinctive flavours and a uniquely Australian whisky experience. With a deep respect for tradition combined with an unbridled passion that keeps us curious, it is our vision for Morris of Rutherglen to lead the creation of a distinct new style of Australian Single Malt whisky.

Our Craft

Since 1859, the Morris family have been making award-winning fortified wines and are regarded as one of the best fortified producers in the world. Today, we begin a new chapter with MORRIS whisky. Only family owned world-class fortified barrels are hand selected for finishing, imparting our rich and unique heritage into the whisky.

Our Distillery

At the heart of our distillery is the original 1930s hybrid copper-pot and column still. Awoken from slumber and lovingly restored for distilling MORRIS whisky, she's known as Aurora after the princess from Sleeping Beauty.

Our Whisky

MORRIS whisky reflects its regional Victorian provenance. Made with 100% Australian premium malted barley, matured in Barossa and Coonawarra wine barrels which are prepared by hand at the family cooperage, and finished in carefully selected Morris fortified wine barrels.


“It pours golden into the glass,
with bronze highlights. The nose offers up aromas of nuts, dried fruit, and florals. On the palate, this is approachable, delicious whisky for drinking…It’s slurpable stuff, a whisky that will please novices as well as geeks, and in our opinion, on par with a number of popular Scottish single malts. Would we have another Absolutely.”

Boothby, 27 June 2021

The whiskies are light in body (though not in flavour), sweet without being cloying, wonderfully balanced, and with a mouthfeel that is juicy and refreshing – and not at all dry or over-oaked.

whiskyandwisdom.com, 8 July 2021

“…Muscat Barrel Single Malt is very impressive: finished in
barrels that once held the winery’s most famous product, it’s a rich winter whisky, with echoes of luscious raisin-like flavours rom the old muscat, and a dark, demerara-like undertow.”

Max Allen, The Australian Financial Review, 25 June 2021

Morris of Rutherglen has entered the whisky market with the launch of two premium releases, which were finished in barrels that previously held the winery's celebrated fortifieds. The Morris Australian Single Malt Signature Whisky, and Australian Single Malt Muscat Barrel Whisky are now available, made with local Victorian ingredients and distilled in the winery's original, restored hybrid copper pot and column still that dates back to the 1930s.

Halliday Magazine, 8 July 2021

Morris Whisky - the same name and company behind Morris of Rutherglen wines and fortifieds - is the latest Australian whisky to launch and make itself heard. Morris has launched with two single malt releases, namely "Signature" and "Muscat Barrel". The Signature is one of the most refreshing and tasty Australian whiskies we've tasted in a while... it's also one of the best value whiskies on the market.

@whiskyandwisdom, 9 July 2021