Morris of Rutherglen Cellar Reserve GRAND LIQUEUR TOPAQUE (TOKAY)

Morris of Rutherglen Cellar Reserve GRAND TOPAQUE (TOKAY)

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The grapes are left on the vine late into the growing season to allow for an optimum sugar level with concentrated flavours at harvest. Careful blending of select vintages also results in a wine of great richness and concentration of flavours whilst still displaying bright fruit characters.

The grapes are handpicked and crushed into open fermenters with the addition of yeast; and allowed to partially undergo fermentation before draining, pressing and fortification with neutral high strength spirit. The wine is then transferred to oak casks for an average of 16 years maturation to develop richness, intensity and aged influence.

A stunning after dinner wine perfect with any chocolate based dessert.

COLOUR: Golden brown with subtle khaki hues.

AROMA: Concentrated aromas of toffee and malty characters are under laid with a butterscotch lift and distinct nutty elements.

PALATE: Rich and intense flavours of toffee, mocha, and soft caramel with generous mid palate and a long, luscious finish.

VINTAGE: Non-Vintage
VARIETAL: Topaque (Tokay)
ABV: 17.3%
REGION: Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia
SIZE: 500ml


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