MORRIS Smoked Sherry Barrel Bundle

MORRIS Smoked Sherry Barrel Bundle

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This bundle is the perfect gift for our Morris Whisky Smoked Sherry lovers! Enjoy our Sherry Barrel and how it's evolved into the Smoked Sherry Barrel, a unique barrel innovation by our Head Distiller, Darren Peck.

MORRIS Smoked Sherry Barrel Bundle INCLUDES

MORRIS Sherry Barrel Whisky, 700ml 46%ABV
MORRIS Smoked Sherry Barrel, 700ml 50%ABV

Smoked Sherry Tasting Notes


A whisky that is complex, mature, and multi-dimensional in its personality, an intriguing interplay between structured aged sherry, zesty citrus and next morning smouldering campfire.

COLOUR: Polished mountain ash

NOSE: Notes of lemon myrtle, cut grass characters, glazed ginger and underlying fruit elements of green apple citrus interplay with seductive wood smoke.

PALATE: Upfront ex Apera (Sherry) delivery with impressive drive and structure. Lingering white smoke weaves in and out of subtle profiles of orchard fruits, fresh cut grapefruit zest and mint leaf, with a touch of nutmeg on the finish.

FINISH: Medium to longer in length that carries persistence of spirit in its structure, intertwined with smouldering fireplace and a hint of aniseed pop.

STYLE: Australian Single Malt Whisky 
ABV: 50%
REGION: Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia
SIZE: 700mL

Sherry Barrel Tasting Notes


Bottled at 46% ABV, MORRIS Sherry Barrel is a mature style single malt whisky that highlights the perfect balance of oak, malt and sherry barrel influence.

Maturated in a combination of French and American oak ex-Australian red wine casks and finished in barrels that have held our Morris of Rutherglen 10yr-aged Amber Apera (Sherry).

The Aged Amber is a full flor fino, produced predominantly from the Palomino grape. It exhibits a drier style, showing elegance and complexity from years of long-term ageing in cask, making it a beautiful compliment to the whisky. 

The result is a well-integrated and very approachable Australian single malt which the broad whisky consumer can embrace.

COLOUR: Tiger-eye gemstone with copper highlights.

NOSE: Spun toffee, baked fruit flan with peach compote and fresh sherry cask notes.

PALATE:  It has a unique Rutherglen character of being produced from all Australian ingredients and finished in Morris of Rutherglen award-winning Apera casks. Producing a well-structured whisky with subtle spice, toasted nut and clean oak characters.

FINISH: Delicious, candied lemon with gentle sage and marjoram herbal profile.

STYLE: Australian Single Malt Whisky 
ABV: 46%
REGION: Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia
SIZE: 700mL


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