Morris of Rutherglen Cellar Reserve GRAND LIQUEUR MUSCAT

Morris of Rutherglen Cellar Reserve GRAND MUSCAT

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A 1991 vintage was used as the base to build this wine around; with the youngest material from 1995 to provide freshness to the bouquet. Older vintages are used to provide lusciousness, intensity and richness, with 1947 as the oldest vintage used. The average age of this wine is 14 years.

When the grapes are ripe, they are handpicked, crushed and undergo a partial fermentation for 1-2 days before draining and pressing. The fermenting juice is then fortified to 18% v/v alcohol with a neutral, high strength spirit to arrest the fermentation. The fortified Muscat is then transferred into oak casks and barrels to slowly mature.

An excellent dessert wine that will complement fruit cake style desserts or strong cheeses.

COLOUR: Dark amber with an olive green tinge.

AROMA: Concentrated raisin fruit with aged nutty characters.

PALATE: Raisin and dark chocolate flavours with richness, intensity and a long lingering finish.

VINTAGE: Non-Vintage
ABV: 17.3%
REGION: Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia
SIZE: 500ml


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